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Professional Graphical Manifestations


About Me

Salutations. I am a freelance graphic/web designer and developer based in Westchester, NY. I provide services to individuals, small businesses, as well as mid-to-large businesses. I don't aim to limit myself to one type of customer, but I mostly work with Public Relations, Advertisement, and Personal/Company Branding within service/entertainment industries.

Also as a web consultant, I always update my knowledge of audience behaviors as well as trends so I can intercept the next big thing.

Portfolio's Goal

This is my home to showcase my work that I've done by myself in its entirety or with others. If you would like to hire me for your project, please consult with me at the email address or phone number provided.

I work full-time, so serious inquires only need apply.

Portfolio Galleries

With the exception of "Web Design - Concepts", all works displayed here are/were in circulation and were paid for. They are owned by their respected copyright owners. All owners agreed to give me design credit.
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